i. carry oxygen from the heart towards the whole body for revitalising life.

ii. design for weaving worlds where we can all thrive.


I'm a world. You're a world. As people and societies, we are conditioned by the collision between many worlds and histories. Arteries curate learning pathways to skill people to move with this complexity.

For a World where many worlds fit. On One Earth.

Arteries design for societies where every person matters, where people can grow in community and can access support from responsive organisational channels. Supporting initiatives to become more than the sum of their part, creating possibility through re-search into areas of transformative potential, bringing vital ingredients to the table & sharing stories to deepen mutual understanding.

Learning into lives of reflexive practice (and deepening joy) to support people to care for all the ecologies we are shaped by.


Led by partners who know their context best, we co-design seeds to regenerate connective tissue & flowing resources. We have experience & insight into diverse approaches to shaping change, (de)colonial & (post)modernist patterning, complex fields of power, systemic marginalisation & emergent strategy, healing trauma through restorative re-membering. conflict transformation & social design. for enlivened present(ce) & collective returning home.



Explore essences of our practice, re-search & insights 

Weaving Life, from Colombia to the UK

April 28, 2017

Refuge & Regeneration @DIY Cultures

May 25, 2016

in family stories #colonialheavy

November 25, 2015

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Dominant mindsets and stories strongly shape the infrastructure of the world(s) we live in. We re-search past-present-future in b(old) ways, interested in spaces and processes that create generative contestation over knowledge, power & structures. Sharing these stories. This guides our design process.


We navigate complex dynamics that still - as with all systems - express deeper memetic blueprints. Making sense of this, we identify areas of transformative potential and co-design seeds (social-design interventions) for regenerating healthy & happy societies.


Offering personal & group learning journeys & social design coaching. Curated with joy & care, foresight & time-tested insights.

Shaping Change. Changing Worlds.

Regenerating relationship with selves and others of Earth.

We love to hear from co-creators.


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