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i. carry oxygen from the heart to revitalise life.

ii. weave worlds to come alive. together.

I'm a world. You're a world. Across time, people have created many worlds. Crash colliding across one Earth.

The World is On Fire. Open wounds seep through personal and collective histories. We have become uniquely interconnected, with every decision we each make affecting millions of lives all across the earth. But common ways of making sense of this recreate the same problems. We respond with mindsets and practices shaped by trauma.

If we experience how our stories are connected, could we imagine ways beyond this? Can we imagine cultures where people are able to move and learn with all the ecologies we are shaped by? The dispersed, diverse communities we could grow into? Do we have the skills and capacity to create them?

Some elders say that to give birth to a world, we must name it. So here we are, in the encounter between many worlds, where wounds become portals through which we begin to repair our future. Let's follow the threads, and stay with the trouble, allowing our learning to become seeds for enlivening ecologies inside the afterlife of colonialism.


Be-longing fragments of our-selves Home.


Life speaks to the future through memory. Of the many worlds of Mama Earth.


the journey



 Dream of a world where everyone is free? Re-search past+present to tell b(old) stories that re-shape harmful cultures. Embrace diverse sources, invisibilised perspectives and emergent insights.




Learn - within a diverse ecology of relationships - into new ways of being through embodied practice. Powering new patterns in our lived realities.




Navigate changing social patterns that echo multiple pasts & possible futures. Identifying spaces of potential, design bioregional transitions (seeds)  together for enlivening ecologies.



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