creative re-search + design studio where worlds - across times, disciplines & cultures - weave together to grow healthy, happy societies.

FOR a world where many worlds fit. on one earth. launching 2019.

I'm a world. You're a world. Across time, people have created many worlds. on one earth. Arteries curate ways for people to make sense of past-present-future & collaborate to build better worlds together. In a fragmented world, we connect people, groups, ideas and resources. More than building bridges, we weave arteries across the earth, sharing stories to deepen understanding, nurturing on-the-ground  initiatives & weaving together worlds-in-the-making. Celebrating life.

Over the past decade, Arteries have been seeking out visionary initiatives that play a vital role in creating societies in which every person matters, where people in community can meet most of their needs together, whilst being able to access support from responsive institutions designed to serve people and the planet. We curate an ecosystem to support these initiatives to become more than the sum of each part, bringing missing ingredients to the table, curating creative re-search into the urgent, widely-shared issues they are creating positive impact on, sharing this through diverse formats, including participatory events.

Led by partners who best understand their context, we are building transdisciplinary teams to co-design and facilitate labs - experimental spaces that create a portfolio of initiatives to seed just, sustainable futures fit for the 22nd century. With roots in 5 continents and having migrated many routes across the earth, our approach has been crafted from a dialogue between many worlds. Complemented by experience in multidisciplinary socio-ecological research & innovation, bioregional planning, conflict transformation, social and systemic change, power and privilege facilitation, collective learning, health, design. & art.



The stories we tell help create the worlds we live in. We narrate past-present-future in b(old) ways, emerging new insights. Our re-search process guides how we find the right people to collaborate with. To craft interventions that help more people care for each other. and for the places we are shaped by.


Co-labs are ambitous experiments shaping change in dynamic contexts that nevertheless - as in all systems - express deeper patterns. Navigating through this complexity, we find areas of high impact potential and design + test a portfolio of interventions as fractals that provide models for a just, sustainable future.


 From co-creating and designing learning journeys to long-term capacity & infrastructure-building, we support people to be more effective at what they aim to do. 

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Presenting our events, productions, re-search & insights and other stories. 

Weaving Life, from Colombia to the UK

April 28, 2017

Refuge & Regeneration @DIY Cultures

May 25, 2016

in family stories #colonialheavy

November 25, 2015

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