i. flow oxygen from the heart to revitalise life.

ii. weave worlds for people to come alive. together.

I'm a world. You're a world. Across time, people have created many worlds. Crash colliding across one Earth.

How to weave threads where people learn with all the ecologies we have been shaped by? Of those we root to, dispersed communities we grow into?

Journey into decolonising worlds and entangled fields of power & oppression, healing collective trauma and sowing seeds for enlivening ecologies. Be-longing fragments of our-selves Home. Life speaks to the future through memory. Of the many worlds of Mama Earth.

What will I do, what will I do, with this one wild and wondrous Life?

the journey


                  Flavours @ h.o.m.e


U(s e)ntangled inside Colonial Minds. Re-search past-present-future in b(old) ways, weaving equitable relationships between knowledge(s), power(s) & purpose(s).



Invoke memory, insights & dreams become life-blood of vital worlds. Shape into embodied ritual through practice that powers new patterns in our lived realities.



Navigate changing social patterns that echo multiple pasts & possible futures. Identify areas of transformative potential to co-design seeds for enlivening ecologies.


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